Directing Energy Flow & Finding Inner Alignment

By Rhonda Simpson On September 26th, 2011

With the intensity of the solar flares and the abundant fullness of the moon, no darkness is left in hiding through this transcendent time of truth radiation as we’re called to fully surrender to our purest selves. How will you weather the storm? Will you be toppled over and swept away or will you rise above the waves and be carried to greater heights within your conscious experience?

Are you a boat-hugger in the storm or a water-walker with risky faith?

In consciousness there is choice. You can determine how to direct the flow of this energy. By being in alignment with your soul, by becoming and remaining centered, by creating balance within your being and then sourcing from that when you feel the winds of change blowing in, you can be the peace that you desire.

And during these times of intensity, when cosmic allies are instrumental in accelerating the course, cultivate the presence to make this energy instrumental to your growth in a profound and truly positive way rather than letting it plummet you to the depths and have its way with you.

Come into your power, connect with your source, and find your touch-point so that you arrive at the other end of this transition with a sense of the sublime and a stronger foundation in a new way of being based on faith.

This is about trust, in yourself, in the unseen, in your capacity to transform and touch base with what you know in your heart to be true and bring it to life. This is about you creating and maintaining a strong connection with yourself. This is about opening more fully to and actually incorporating a new way of being. This is about you stepping aside and letting spirit have it’s way with you. This is about stepping confidently into the unknown and reveling in it, because that is the next step.

There’s no more going backward and the future is unclear. We have only this now. In this now choose peace.

This is a whole new level of surrender that we’re being asked to rise to. As we do, we become more pure, releasing resistance, fear and doubt as obstacles to receiving the profound gifts of the Universe. As we open more fully, all of life comes into alignment as sources of energy, love and radiant joy greet you within each moment of surrender, within each intention to connect further to the truth. This is your time of unfolding, of flowering into the fullest potential of the majestic being that you are. Allow for this. Receive the gift of glory as you move beyond what’s been and enter a new day.

The language of your soul can be subtle, and we are being asked to listen that much more attentively and be guided by its course. In stillness and in presence, you can become connected with the inner knowing and let it guide you. But there are other ways that your highest self-connects with you, and if you listen and adjust your actions/reactions, thoughts/emotions to the wisdom within, you will find yourself sailing through your days with unexpected and abundant gifts and rewards abounding, as well as a growing sense of knowing that this truly is how life was meant to be.

Your body is talking, are you paying attention to its cues?

The body is all-wise. It never lies. And it speaks to us of important details when we aren’t aware of whether or not we’re on track with our higher truth. At times of great energy influxes such as these, the body speaks louder, as the energy presses for compliance, or alignment, and everything comes to the surface in order that we may become aware of how our choices (conscious and not) are affecting our overall well-being.

The following are some of the key areas where you may be experiencing a lot of body talk, along with a translation of what those areas are telling you and what you need to focus on to bring yourself into balance. When we bring awareness to the area, and the message it’s trying to send us, the discomfort will begin to ease or disappear altogether, depending on how in or out of alignment you are. Alignment really is everything.

Hips: Inflexibility. Where are you needing to be more flexible in your life? Where are you needing to loosen up, let go, go with the flow? Notice how flex implies stretching- to stretch beyond your capacity, beyond your need for security and for the comfort zone-to loosen the reigns, overcome the need or tendency to control. Let go and let God. Surrender, baby! — and you’ll be shown a better way.

Joints-ankles, wrists, knees

Knees: Movement forward. Where are you holding yourself back? How are you restricting yourself from forward movement, from making choices based on your high heart rather than root-based fears? How are you inhibiting your life by clinging to old ways? How are you being ruled or distracted by fear rather than growing forward? Pay close attention and ask yourself these questions when you notice discomfort in these areas. (Remember, the answer is always about surrender!)

Ankles: Inhibition, digging your feet in, resisting the flow, stubbornness, sluggishness or reluctance to begin anew – whether in creative endeavors, opening more fully to new life, or embracing the change within your horizon.

Wrists: Rigidness, need for control, attempting to conduct life rather than let it flow; reflection of carpel tunnel syndrome showing repetitive held movement, habit, or disposition that’s conflicting with allowing for the Creator to direct; allowing direction to flow through to you rather than needing to steer the ship and direct your course so diligently.

Belly: Conflict in power central. Shifting gears and shifting out of old ways of being. Being alerted to areas of life that are needing your attention-needing for you to take charge, step up to the plate, determine the course, make a choice, be decisive, stop undermining yourself. Also, strong caution as to what you feel strongly about and against. Heed the belly signals and zero in on previous thoughts, deeds, words to see what it’s telling you about the choices you’re making and how well they reflect your heart’s desires.

Heart: Lots of movement in this are as this center is opening and realigning, as you’re adjusting to a more expanded (and vulnerable) way of being. Most have lived lives with hearts closed and much healing energy is being directed to this area as we learn to live from a space of love and open to the expansiveness and unrestricted nature that that entails. Be gentle and nurturing with yourself, fostering compassion as a daily practice. The love you create for and within yourself will reflect outward. Start with you.

Head: Major energy infusions. Remember to breathe in deeply to your base and let the energy then flow up and out through the top of your head (more on that process later). You are receiving huge amounts of energy from the Universe and it needs to be grounded more often and more consciously in order to avoid more bothersome headaches and dizziness. Also, as we’re transitioning, and base chakra stuff (fear, survival ) is being triggered, there’s a tendency to shut down the bottom chakra as well as the crown chakra, which traps the energy in your body, restricting its flow. This can cause anxiety, twitches, a sense of being overwhelmed, heart palpitations, and tension. To release the energy and retain flow within the body, breathe into your base chakra and then open your crown chakra and spout the energy out (like a whale). Repeat several times as needed and anytime you find yourself in fear. This exercise brings significant calming and balance, which is what is needed during these times of shift which are accelerating both within ourselves and all around us.

It’s important to become familiar with and work with the chakras during your transition into greater alignment. The chakras hold great wisdom and a wealth of information about your current state of being. They know how to lead you back to yourself. When you find that your energy is off, that you feel disconnected, or down, checking in with your chakras to see where you are in balance (or out of balance) will give you great perspective on what’s ailing you and what you need to do to come into balance. We are being asked to center and become aligned during this time; to find our peace in the chaos; to know who we are so that we don’t become weathered by the storm. Going inward and connecting on this deep level with your energy centers is a powerful way to find directive and achieve balance. The more balanced we are, the greater aligned with our peace. When all of our energy centers are open, we are flowing with Source, and from that place we can approach life and open to it with greater ease.

All of the chakras will direct you to the places in which you need to incorporate more balance. Safety/Survival. Pleasure/Creativity. Power/Will. Love-Giving/Receiving. Truth-Expression/Repression. Knowing-Through Intuition/Seeing Through God’s Eyes. And Spirituality/Connection to Source (within and without). All of these are aspects of being – both human and spiritual. And it’s our task, our learning, to bring these areas (all of them) into alignment so that we can thrive. The focus is not so directly on healing of or moving to the next place in any of these areas of growth. It is about centering within the space of the moment and what each chakra is presenting, what is spoken, what it is telling you. It is about being with that energy and quietly listening to and receiving the message and honoring it, and in doing so, honoring you. And in that, and in surrender to higher guidance (and just the same, guidance from these all-wise sources of info), we are then led to the next moment of who and what and how we need to be.

We get there, to the next place in our evolution, that next step on our path, by moving through these spaces. And we get there with far more grace and ease when we are able to center, to go within, and allow ourselves to be guided.

The ‘goal’ of the path is to establish greater connectedness to yourself and to your source and in tandem, you begin to co-create your life for the fruition of your truest desires.

As you fall into alignment, you are greatly rewarded with the treasures of joy and peace and contentment. You begin to experience connectedness on a profound level that creates a life of flow and a radiant love of all things.

Go inward and connect with your breath, with your ever-wise energy centers, and with the flowing source of abundance that is always available to you from the All That Is. Trust in what you are receiving, as the messages from within pour forth, and as life plays out all around you.

This is a new way of being and these are powerful tools that can connect you with greater resonance, so that you may shine within the winds of change, as your barometer becomes your own solidity through connection and balance, through flow and faith.

(If you would like assistance in connecting deeper with your chakra centers, understanding them better, or guidance in balancing and coming into alignment, I’d be happy to show you the way. Contact me here.)

Abundance and Grace!

Copyright © 2010 Rhonda Simpson~Conscious Co-Creating. Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this transmission on the condition that the content remains complete and intact, full credit is given to the author, and that it is distributed freely.

About the author:

Rhonda Simpson offers spiritual guidance, life-path coaching, chakra balancing, and channeled wisdom. If you would like to connect with her and find your way further on your path, contact her at


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Rhonda SimpsonDirecting Energy Flow & Finding Inner Alignment

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