3 Ways to Wake Up Your (Secret) Second Clitoris

By Saida Desilets On March 12th, 2014

Hopefully by now, you’re well aware of the 8,000 nerve endings in the glans of your clitoris…

(Yep, this one is explicit, ladies!)

You know, that secret part of you that with a touch or simply a thought will start pulsing and deliciously reverberating pleasure throughout your whole body…

The part of you that can be either numbed out through over-use, or still patiently waiting to be discovered and awakened. And the fun doesn’t stop there…

You might be like many of us and be totally unaware of your “second” clitoris!

Hidden within your depths is an undiscovered point of bliss… A bliss so great it can even bypass that of your clitoris.

Where’s the proof?

In your pants! Well, your panties to be more specific.

Anatomically, it is called the Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone (AFE zone or A-spot). It’s found in the deepest part of your vagina, right in front of your cervix (see image below).

So yes, I lied.

This isn’t exactly a second “clitoris,” but the pleasure generated by this place is so intense…

It can be equivalent to or superior to that of a clitoral orgasm.

And if you haven’t discovered it yet, do yourself a favor and leave your clitoris alone for a moment and literally spend time inside yourself!

How can I wake this up?

Some of us, through exploring intercourse or sex toys, naturally awaken this area. However, some of us need to explore a little more intentionally.

We all can exercise and enhance this area through regular stimulation.

Why? You may have heard that the last two thirds of your vagina has less sensitivity than the first third.

This is true for an atrophied or untrained pelvis. Once you exercise your vagina more regularly, however, you start to enervate (bring alive, in essence) your vagina and surrounding pelvic region.

This means that you actually grow more nerves and erectile tissue! And with this… grows your capacity for pleasure.

Ways to exercise (and awaken) this deeper part of your vagina:

  1. Practice “sucking” up a Jade Egg, a sex toy or your partner.
  2. Continue “milking” your egg, toy or partner (this is easier if your partner isn’t doing a lot of moving).
  3. Massage this area to awaken it and further enhance the sensations.

Surprise bonus from waking up this epic spot?


You are meant to be juicy and this leads to more and more juiciness. In fact, if you have issues with lubrication, you’d benefit greatly from a regular practice of this deep, internal massage.

The intensity of pleasure may require you to pause between orgasms…

Just so you can better assimilate your expanding bliss. (No complaints there, I’m sure!)

The other bonus, of course, is that it feels amazing to your partner. As you get stronger and stronger, his pleasure equally intensifies.

What more?

We have a 2nd epicenter, or as I like to say, epic-center!

The Posterior Fornix — located behind the cervix in the same depths as the Anterior Fornix — is what I call: the hidden Bliss-gasm spot.

This little hot-spot is snoring peacefully in most of us, but trust me when I say that it doesn’t mind a little awakening, so long as it isn’t a rude one.

This place is best stimulated by a finger, but also by either a toy or partner. A finger allows you to sense more thoroughly the “spot” you are massaging and assists in creating a powerful bio-feedback loop of pleasure.

Yet we are more than the sum of our parts…

So what about the cervix?

Your cervix, which is conveniently close to both the Anterior and Posterior Fornix, is not disconnected from them.

In fact, it is vital to include your cervix in this 3-part harmony.

For most of us, the pain of an accidental bump from our partner’s deep thrusting is how we discover our cervix. OUCH! But if you were to take a finger and gently massage your cervix, something remarkable happens.

At first, you may not experience much sensation as your cervix may be numb. However, through regular massage (and pelvic exercise), you can encourage stronger blood flow to your cervix. This gives you more cervical sensation.

Beyond just another sex trick…

This practice of awakening your deeper erotic zones invites you to trust, love, and explore yourself without being goal oriented. You literally are invited to shift your focus from “doing” something sexually into relaxing into “being” a sexual being.

With this focus on surrendering into your erotic wisdom, you give your body permission to open up in ways you may have yet to dream of.

Nothing can be more worthy of your time.

To Learn More:

If surrendering to your erotic wisdom is something that sounds delicious to you, then my book — The Emergence of the Sensual Woman — is the next step to discovering your intimate hot-spots right now.

About the Author:

Saida Désilets is a Ph.D in Transpersonal Psychology. She is the Founder of The Désilets Method and the author of The Emergence of the Sensual Woman.

Her own erotic innocence was challenged through a violent rape and a subsequent near-death experience. This led her to explore a path abundant with both false teachings as well as profound truths which birthed a insatiable curiosity for real and embodied sexual wisdom.

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Saida Desilets3 Ways to Wake Up Your (Secret) Second Clitoris

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