3 Ways to Attract Positive Vibes

By Linda Boertjens On December 27th, 2012

Do you know that “got-up-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-bed” feeling?

It’s that downward spiral into negativity…

Just because a few little things went wrong in your everyday routine.

Sometimes my whole day goes out of whack just because my kids won’t stop fighting over the toys… or maybe I hit my little toe really, really hard!

You don’t have to let little annoyances ruin your mood – or your day.

Try these simple ways to attract powerful, positive vibes and create an enjoyable day.

They are really effective for me, and they will be for you too!

Positive Vibe Attraction #1: Choose

From the moment you wake up, before you get out of bed, consciously CHOOSE to create a fantastic, magical day.

Then finish the following statement for yourself: Today is going to be my best day ever, because…

Come up with as many reasons as you can why this will be a wonderful day.

Here’s some examples of what I came up with:

  • Today is going to be my best day ever, because I’m going to take extra care of my appearance, I will finally finish that report…
  • I’m going to spend some fun time with my family and I will be going to the gym and will have the best workout I can!

When you start your day with a positive choice, you will be very present to the actions YOU can take to make your day special.

And because you will be excited and conscious of making it extraordinary, chances are… you WILL have a fantastic day!

I challenge you to do this every day in order to make it a habit.

When I used this method I noticed something really amazing…

The moment I started to come up with reasons, my head felt light and almost lifted. I no longer felt weighed down by the gravity of the long to-do list in my head, and the only thing I felt was inspiration and an excitement to seize the day!

Cool, right?

Positive Vibe Attraction #2: Flip the Negative into Positive

Sometimes, you’ll face challenging situations that leave you frustrated or angry. In moments like these, try and answer this question:

“Why could this be a good thing?”

You see, so often things that you perceive as being negative turn out to be blessings in disguise upon reflection.

Numerous times, I’ve been disappointed that things didn’t go the way I thought they would go…

Only to later notice that things turned out even better than I had imagined it myself!

The universe knows what it’s doing and will always take the best possible route to your end goal. You just need to trust it and let go of the outcome.

I challenge you to do this during your day for the week to come and make it a habit!

Positive Vibe Attraction #3: Reflect

At the END of your day, just before going to sleep, spare a moment to reflect and ask yourself the following:

“What positive things happened today? What things can I be grateful for, proud of or inspired by?”

All kinds of wonderful things happen in our lives that we take for granted and that get overshadowed by the challenges we experience.

This makes our perception of our day less positive than it could be.

So take a moment each night to get present to the magic of the day you had.

I’m sure you’ll go to sleep much happier and fulfilled.

To More Magically Positive Days!

I thoroughly recommend including these questions in your daily life.

Even if you practice them half of the time, your days will still be more powerful and magical than ever before when you become a magnet for positive vibes!

You’ll be surprised at how these small simple shifts into positivity are in fact your most powerful tools to achieve your goals and create an amazing life.

If you’d like more magically positive days and a life of joy and success

Then watch the complimentary presentation I created for more inspiring ways to create the abundant life you dream of!

About the Author:

Linda Boertjens is one of the co-founders of the Vision Board Studio — a vision board system that has helped countless people realize their vision and change their lives forever.

Linda’s mission is to inspire and create amazing lives for people all around the globe by providing them with the most powerful visualization system available today.

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Linda Boertjens3 Ways to Attract Positive Vibes

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