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Our Opportunities are Endless

Real Women, Real Wisdom: Producer Joyce Johnson Reveals How YOU Can Help Heal and Change the World (Plus Catch a Limited-Time Free Screening of Joyce’s Movie)

You’re a pro at juggling a hundred things on your to-do list but there are some things that just seem WAY too big to even think about… I’m talking about the tough stuff like free education for every boy and girl in the world, child rights, human rights, women’s empowerment, poverty… Feels overwhelming, doesn’t it? I admit that I’ve stopped myself from thinking about it because I’m just one person and it feels like one person can’t possibly make a […]

IAAW Podcast

In this episode of What Women Want to Talk About…

Barbara Sheehan Zeidler and host Kelly Orchard discuss how practicing gratitude can transform your life including:

How being grateful can reduce impulse buying, obesity and mental illness
Why keeping a gratitude journal can help you
How being grateful can shape your relationships with others
The six spheres of gratitude

Discover This Healing Miracle of Nature’s Magic Bullet

By Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy - Premium Expert On April 16th, 2014

Centuries ago, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, observed that we should “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Today, those words are truer than ever, especially when it comes to curcumin, an extract derived from the spice turmeric. You have probably become increasingly aware of conventional medicine’s limits when it comes to healing many conditions. Now, you can discover why safe, natural remedies like curcumin have become rising stars, providing relief from chronic disorders that frustrate traditional […]

The Powerful Secrets All Happy Couples Use to Stay Together Forever

Imagine the WORST argument you’ve ever had with your man… You’re yelling, he’s yelling. You’re crying and he doesn’t even seem to care. He retreats to the garage or turns on the TV, you don’t speak for days and any look from either of you feels like a poison dart straight to the heart. You may have thought, “We’re getting close to the end of what was once a promising, loving relationship.” Instead of living on the Love Boat, your […]

Discover the Truth Behind Common Diet Myths and Get Started Toward a Thinner (and Happier!) You

Do you find yourself having “fat days” and then feeling frustrated for weeks on end? Are there days you look in the mirror and feel hopeful but other days when you can’t believe how tight your jeans feel at the waist? I ask these 2 questions today because after over a decade of helping other women get past their “fat and frustrated” days… I too still have those moments where I revert back to my old dieting mentality and think […]

Is Perfectionism Blocking Your Business Success?

By Kim DeYoung - Premium Expert On April 16th, 2014
Is Perfectionism Blocking Your Business Success?

Do you have a great business idea, but never get around to completing it? Most of the entrepreneurs I know and work with don’t have a shortage of ideas of things they want to accomplish in their business. BUT sometimes they get really stuck. You probably can relate to this. You’ve got that GREAT idea… But for various reasons you don’t act on that idea and then it stays just that, a great idea with no implementation. When you don’t execute […]

IAAW Podcast

In this episode of What Women Want to Talk About…

Ginger Ontiveros and host Kelly Orchard discuss how to stay happy by cultivating positive relationships both personally and professionally.

Making a decision to approach people and situations from a positive perspective creates an environment where positive relationships can flourish.

Following are five areas where you can make deliberate choices to cultivate your own positive culture.

Do not hold grudges because people grow and change
Be a mentor and encourage others
Volunteer in your community
Choose to focus on what is positive and inspiring
Focus on future positive potential

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