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If You Think It’s Too Late, You’re Wrong! Here’s Why…

You’ve probably heard these words before “better late than never”… But have you ever stopped to think about them? What do these words really mean? To me, “better late than never” carries a profound message that I often forget… It’s never too late to go for your dreams, speak your truth, step into your light. Watch an amazing, unforgettable performance by an amazing, unforgettable woman called Janey Cutler, who stands strong as she faces a skeptical audience… And tough judges […]

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This Simple Morning Ritual Could Change Your Life…

By Denise ONeill On October 17th, 2014
Lisa and Marcia

How did you feel when you woke up this morning? Were you excited, happy and inspired? Perhaps you felt anxious, tired and annoyed when you thought about the mile-long to-do list you had waiting for you… Trust me, girlfriend – I know exactly how that feels! Actually, there are days when I practically jump out of bed because I feel like my day is a gift that I can’t wait to open! But then there are also days when I […]

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Are You Ageing Your Skin Everyday…without Even Knowing It?

Do you ever think about what you’re doing when you wash your face? I mean what you’re really doing to your skin? You could be aging your skin without even knowing it! Years ago, before I knew much about skin health and maintenance, I typically washed my face with a rough, wet washcloth. When a dermatologist friend of mine witnessed this, she kind of freaked out and shrieked, “What are you doing? Do you do this every day?” When I […]

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Discover the Little-Known Secret to Lasting Youth, Health and Vitality…

Did you know that the oceans of the earth are filled with incredible, undiscovered secrets? And I’m not just talking about sunken treasures! The sea is actually brimming with amazing marine life that can boost your health and energy. One of the most important among these is marine phytoplankton, which is a tiny but mighty superfood plant. How powerful is this little plant? Well, let’s explore what it can do for you… Studies show that marine phytoplankton produces between 50 […]

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Is This the Fountain of Youth?

By Larry Berman On October 15th, 2014
Is This the Fountain of Youth?

Did you know that recent scientific developments have revealed there are cells in your body that are almost – well – “magical?” These cells are called adult stem cells and they can travel throughout the body and act to support optimal organ and tissue function. Some of the “magical” abilities of the adult stem cell include its incredible ability to renew itself. It can also differentiate to turn into some or all of the major specialized cell types of many […]

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3 Sweet Tips to Beat Your Sugar Cravings this Halloween

By Jenn Edden - Premium Expert On October 15th, 2014
3 Sweet Tips to Beat Your Sugar Cravings this Halloween

Can you believe that it’s October already? I can hardly believe it myself but it’s here and that means just one thing… It’s the beginning of the holiday season with Halloween happening at the end of the month. This particular holiday always brings on a “sugar avalanche” and given that I call myself a sugar cravings expert… I felt the urge to offer tried and true tips before the sugar craze begins! If you have kids like I do, you […]

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The funniest 100-year-old BFF’s ever

By Denise ONeill On October 13th, 2014
The funniest 100-year-old BFF’s ever (movie)

Imagine if you grew up in the 1930’s. What would you say about the world today? Meet these 100-year-old best friends. They are delightful, beautiful, joyful, sharp, and funny. You’ll be rolling in laughter when you hear what they think about today’s pop culture, as they answer questions like: What is a selfie? What is twerking? Are you disappointed in the new iPhone operating system? What do you think of Justin Bieber? What do you think of the baby name […]

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